Saturday, September 17, 2011


Of course I had to chrome him out.

Someone must have farted on his pillow.

Completed here with little friend. Maybe one of the strangest wedding presents ever but I hope the think of me and smile everytime they look at it. Selfish?

completed stool.

I completed my stool that I bought. I was planning on staining it but decided to paint it instead due to some imperfections in the wood. I used a rubber based paint so it has an interesting, hopefully durable finish.
I did the top and sides with a black corduroy that I found around the house. Pretty pleased with how it looks as I write this post while sitting on it.

hurricane elephant.

I bought this elephant at my favorite thrift store with plans to make it a wedding present for my brother and now sister in law.
Of course it was broken so my first task was to fix the tusk.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

thrifty stool.

I bought this stool on Saturday at a local thrift store for 5 bucks. Obviously it is in terrible shape and I see it as a good first project on refinishing the wood and reupholstering the top. I already have taken it completely apart, removed the old fabric, and I am half way done sanding it.
I plan to give the wood a nice finish with Minwax. Thinking about going for a slightly darker finish. I am still completely undecided on fabric, need something durable and bold. Any suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

table stuff.

A table that was bombarded with stickers, marker, and paint while at my college house in Salisbury with my garagemates assistance. Presently working on coating it to protect everything.

From above.

Monday, August 1, 2011

crazy old man.

A picture that my mom purchased in college in Ithaca, NY that I adopted when I took off for school myself. During my freshman year I customized it as my own by coloring in the hair with a Prismacolor marker. I just touched it up, it was more purple last go around but it had faded over the past couple years. The original photograph is by Joe Covello tagged #353.
Close up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my surroundings.

My surroundings are where I shall begin. This is a painting that was my fathers for about 40 years that I claimed as my own. It was painted by Louis Pieete and was apparently inspired by his own house on the hill in Connecticut.
An Aboriginal Australian tapestry that one of my brothers brought back from their travels there. Hand painted dots, one of a kind. Both these pieces occupy well deserved space in my bedroom.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For obvious reasons, this is the inspiration for my blog name. This was a cat statue that was owned by "chosen" family before my brother somehow inherited it during their downsizing. He was in high school and painted it green and white from its original black. Over time it sat around and recently I became inspired to paint it as you see in the picture. It is one of my favorite pieces I have created and it sits nicely in my bedroom now and will surely come along with me to any residence in the future. From this success I hope to explore my creativity in design, furniture refinishing and whatever intrigues me all the while chronicling my endeavors here. Enjoy the ride.